Barra Bronze Turkeys

A Plucking Great Result For Barra Bronzes

Barra Bronzes Free Range Turkeys based at the Barra Farm near Inverurie contacted MediaGorilla® to let us know they have completely sold out of Christmas Turkeys and Turkey Crowns.

Craig Michie, owner of Barra Bronzes, asked us to redevelop their old website earlier this year and to help with their inbound marketing efforts as he wanted to see if a responsive website built for all devices and optimised in all the right places could help Barra Bronzes sell double the amount of Turkey’s they had sold the year before.

Needless to say, we took challenge and ran with it and with some hard work from Craig and MediaGorilla®, Barra Bronzes have doubled their stock from the previous year and sold out all their Free Range Christmas turkeys to lucky customers throughout the UK.

If you were lucky enough to get your hands on one of their plump birds this Christmas, well done!  If not, look out for the Barra Bronzes next year, get your order in quick and you will be gobbling yours down with your family for a truly unforgettable Christmas.


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