What is responsive web design?

This year, more people will view your website on a mobile device than on a desktop computer.

Results from multiple surveys show that most people will leave your website if it is hard to use on a mobile device.  And worse still, Google results give priority to websites that are mobile friendly.

This means that your website rankings will suffer if it is not properly optimised for mobile browsing.From the Google best practices guide:

Google recommends webmasters follow the industry best practice of using responsive mobile website design, namely serving the same HTML for all devices.

(you can read more at moz.com)

Google prefers responsive website design (one url to serve all platforms) over the more traditional approach of having two websites; one for desktops and one specifically for mobile phones.  This involves redirects and an additional url (usually something like www.mobi.yourdomain.com).

Why does it matter?

Well, Google accounts for the majority of all internet searches (3.5 billion searches daily worldwide).


We believe we were the first web design agency in the northeast to focus only on responsive mobile website design and we continue to stay ahead and innovate for your advantage in the digital marketplace.  This foresight was validated when Google announced an update to their algorithm which gives priority to mobile-friendly websites in the search results and now only displays the mobile search rankings, even for desktop users.


All our websites are responsive so can be viewed easily on desktops, mobile phones and tablets.  This will stop you losing leads and customers because it allows them to:

Buy From You

Easily buy products or services from you using their smartphone

Find and Call You

Find your business and call you fast using click to call technology

Get Info Fast

Customers get the info from you faster on a better designed site