Why Statistics Can Be Misleading

Welcome to Simpson’s Paradox. If you have never heard of it, check out this 4 minute video from TEDtalks. Statistics are persuasive; people, organisations, and governments base important decisions on organised data. Mark Lidell uses some great examples to discuss why any set of statistics might have something lurking inside it that can turn the results completely upside down.

Should I Share My Goals? The Answer May Surprise You.

Happy New Year!  Have you set yourself some personal goals for 2015?  Perhaps you are thinking about starting a new business or joining a martial arts club with a goal of becoming a black belt?

Goals that require the participation of others obviously need to be shared but for many personal goals you would be right to ask yourself “Should I share my goals?” It would be foolish to suggest this applies to everyone but you may be one one of the many who would be better keeping them to yourself.

Why? Available data suggests you are far less likely to achieve them if you tell others first.  In just over 3 minutes, Derek Sivers shares the evidence that has led him to this conclusion.

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