Category: branding, marketing, web


Create an easy to use rental property portal with the same features available on well known property rental sites, for a fraction of the price (we love a challenge!). A logo to reflect the brand also required.


By now you should know that we only develop websites that are so simple to navigate, even our great grannies can use them. We got to work on all the tecky stuff like email alerts, side by side property comparison, favourites, maps, videos, floor plans...you get the drift. A cool house mouse was created for their logo (a computer mouse, not a small scary furry mouse). Just as well, it's not a good look when one of our brave MediaGorilla's jump 10 feet in the air at the mere suggestion a mouse is in the same room.


Quick To Let is a new property listings portal aimed primarily at the residential rental market. During their launch phase, Quick To Let are offering a limited number of free accounts for Aberdeen letting agencies and landlords.